Almost ready to launch

It’s been a long process getting this newly revised site ready to roll, but it looks like we’re just about ready. I’ve got a bunch of I’s to cross and T’s to dot, but at least the hard work is done.

Of course, by the time anyone sees this blog post, the site launch will be a distant memory, but we’ll ignore that for now.

Back In Black (Dark Gray)

The Myerson Photo blog is finally coming back. I’ve missed blogging, for sure, but at least the Myerson Photo Facebook page has allowed me to post updates periodically. Be sure to take a minute to “like” that page.

There are some really fun things in the works for Myerson Photo in the coming months, and I look forward to getting that information out through this blog. We’ll be going back to posting tutorials and links to great content here as well, so stay tuned!